Not your daddy’s dotnet

Last Wednesday I gave a talk together with Rick van den Bosch about .Net Core, Asp.Net Core and EF Core. I did talks before but this one was in front of a crowd of about a hundred developers, it was filled with live coding/and demo’s and it was my first duo talk.


I is a lot of work to prepare for something like this, the scariest part was that Rick and I did not meet up to prepare until Wednesday afternoon. But in retrospective there was nothing to worry about because we were exactly on the same page.

The talk went alright, not really happy about my first demo’s though. We had some nice feedback and are even planning a follow up with a hands on workshop on the topic.

But now there is still all kinds of stuff to do. We have to pick a date and create labs for the workshop. We also had a competition for a seat in the ¬†Troy Hunt workshop that we have in June, still need to pick the winner on that one. Yesterday Rick removed our speaker notes from the presentation and shared it on slideshare. Today I’m cleaning up our demo’s in our git repository to be able to share them on github.

Next week I can start focusing on the next big event on my schedule: Global Azure Bootcamp

[Update]: The code is on Github and we are organizing a workshop on Saturday afternoon the 20th of may. If you want to join it, send me a tweet @oscarvantol